History of The Republic of Poyais.


The Republic of Poyais is a small independent nation situated between Honduras and Nicaragua in Central America. Due to it's geographic isolation and natural defences, the territory remained largely protected from Spanish colonial occupation.


In 1821, the nation of Poyais was founded after Brigadier Gen. Gregor MacGregor was granted land as remuneration for having fought alongside Simon Bolivar for Venezuelan Independence. On the 100 year anniversary of the founding of the nation, Poyais was declared a sovereign and independent republic. 


The capital city of St. Joseph is a bustling modern metropolis. The historic city center features well preserved European architecture, broad shaded boulevards, a grand cathedral, town hall, colonnaded Parliament building, stock exchange, headquarters for the Bank of Poyais.


Poyais is a country rich in natural resources, including an abundance of gold, silver and other precious metals and stones, timber, fruit. The prosperity of the economy can be largely attributed to an abundance of oil and natural gas reserves located off-shore in the Sea of Poyais. The country features a vast natural landscape comprised of expansive mountainous jungles, fertile agricultural lands and world-class beaches.



Republic of Poyais
Flag of Sealand Coat of arms of Sealand
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Tho find thy fortune
Anthem: We'll a' gang to Poyais thegither
Location of Sealand
Map of Poyais
Official languages English; Poyaisian
Demonym Poyer
• Republic
Thomas Strangeways
• Declared
3 July 1821
Area claimed
• Total
Purported currency Poyaisian Piñas
National Animal Monokeros