Immigration and citizenship

Here you can find information on applications to visit and apply for citizenship.


The Republic of Poyais is opening their doors to all foreign nationals who wish to apply for citizenship through our Adoptive Citizen Program. Apply for citizenship today!

Any person intending to enter into Poyais should do so only for lawful purposes and in accordance with national immigration guidelines and formalities. Foreign nationals intending to enter for purposes of enjoyment should comply with quantitative requirements for enjoyment in Poyais. Upon entering the sovereign borders of Poyais, inhabitants must conduct all actions for purposes of realizing only one's own will. 

  •  All visa prone nationalities must obtain a Poyais visas to facilitate their entry into the country.
  •  Visas may be obtained at the Poyais embassies in London and New York City,  or upon arrival at the ports of entry in the country.
  •  All travellers to the Republic of Poyais MUST have a valid Yellow Fever Immunization card and low levels of HIV virus.
   Category / description of visa Costs
   Single entry, multiple entry Free

   Adoptive Citizenship Program (available for all foreign nationals), including passport

US$ 240

Please note: Due to a high volume of applications, please expect a processing time of 8 weeks for citizenship and passport processing. Republic of Poyais passports are only valid when arriving to and departing from the Republic of Poyais.